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Peter Murphy

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Murphy, Peter

Musical genres

Gothic rock, Post-punk, Alternative rock, Experimental music

Peter John Murphy (born 11 July 1957) is an English rock vocalist. He was the vocalist of the rock group Bauhaus, and later went on to release a number of solo albums, such as Deep and Love Hysteria. Thin, with prominent cheekbones, a baritone voice, and a penchant for gloomy poetics, Murphy is often called the "Godfather of Goth."
Murphy was born near Northampton, England, and raised in Wellingborough, England. Bauhaus were one of the establishing acts of the goth movement. Their use of spacey recording effects and theatrical aesthetics was evocative of both early horror films and glam rock; they became an influential group in the early days of gothic rock.
In 1983, Bauhaus appeared during the opening sequences of the horror film The Hunger, performing one of their most popular songs, "Bela Lugosi's Dead". The camera focused almost exclusively on Murphy during most of the scene, panning only briefly to the stars David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.
Bauhaus reformed in 1998 for a tour, and once again in 2006 for a tour with Nine Inch Nails. The latter group's frontman, Trent Reznor, and Murphy were guests on several radio shows together, often performing three to four duets per radio

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