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The Afghan Whigs

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Afghan Whigs, Afgan Whigs, Afghan Whigs, The

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The Afghan Whigs were a soul-influenced American rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. PopMatters described the band as "beyond simple genre categorization, and though lauded by the music press, never got their just due."
Greg Dulli (vocals, rhythm guitar), Rick McCollum (lead guitar), John Curley (bass), and Steve Earle (drums - not to be confused with country musician Steve Earle) formed the band in Cincinnati late in 1986. The Afghan Whigs had evolved out of Dulli's previous band, The Black Republicans, a band that Curley later joined. McCollum, who Curley would jam with after the Black Republicans broke up, was known for being quiet and contained and for a wide use of effect pedals. After the Black Republicans dispersed, Dulli moved to Arizona, where he wrote half the songs that would become their first album Big Top Halloween (1988) on their own Ultrasuede label. The band signed to Sub Pop of Seattle in 1989. The Afghan Whigs were the first non-Northwestern U.S. band to record for the Sub Pop label. In 1990, their first Sub Pop release Up in It was released. The album was followed by a limited edition single released by No.6 Records under the name 'Ornament' which included vocals

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