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Alternative rock, Grunge music, Punk rock, Pop rock, Power pop, Noise rock

Hole is an American alternative rock band that originally formed in Los Angeles. Formed in 1989, the band is fronted by singer-songwriter Courtney Love (vocals, rhythm guitar), who co-founded Hole with Eric Erlandson (lead guitar). Hole achieved considerable commercial and critical success throughout the 1990s, initially releasing singles through independent labels in L.A. and debuting with their caustic noise rock-influenced Pretty on the Inside (1991), and later gaining near-unanimous critical acclaim with their 1994 album Live Through This.
As the band progressed into the later 1990s, they incorporated elements of pop rock into their sound. The band's third album, Celebrity Skin (1998), fused hard rock with various pop elements, contrasting to their previous styles. Celebrity Skin went on to be the band's most commercially successful album, garnering them immense critical attention as well as several Grammy nominations.
The group officially disbanded in 2002 and its members began solo careers and other projects. In 2009, Love announced she was reforming Hole with former Larrikin Love guitarist Micko Larkin, along with two other young male musicians whom Love recruited out of

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