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Enuff Z'nuff

Also known as

Enuff Znuff, Enuff Z-Nuff, Enuff Z'nuff

Musical genres

Hard rock, Glam metal, Power pop, Glam rock, Rock music, Heavy metal

Enuff Z'Nuff, pronounced "enough's enough," is an American glam metal band from Blue Island, Illinois. Founded by singer Donnie Vie and bassist Chip Z'Nuff, this Chicago area band is best known for their charting singles "Fly High Michelle" and "New Thing." Enuff Z'Nuff has continually recorded and toured throughout their career of more than 25 years, releasing 12 studio albums and a total of 19 CDs to date. Their songs have been recorded by several other musicians, some of which include Paul Gilbert, The Wildhearts, and Nelson. The band has a cult fan-base around the world which includes radio personality Howard Stern, though they have not had large success commercially.
Enuff Z'Nuff formed in 1984 as "Enough Z'Nuff." The band soon grew a live following and recorded their first demo songs, some of which would be officially released later in their career. The band's first single, "Fingers On It," received some minor recognition when it was featured in the 1986 cult movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Band members during this period also included drummer B.W. Boeski and guitarists Gino Martino and Alex Kane, the latter of which moved on to lead guitars for Life, Sex & Death

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