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Angus & Julia Stone

Also known as

Angus & Julia Stone, Stone, Angus & Stone, Julia

Musical genres

Acoustic music, Blues, Indie, Folk music

Angus & Julia Stone are an Australian brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney who formed in 2005. Their parents are both musical and played as a folk duo before Angus and Julia were born. Angus and Julia began to collaborate on their musical endeavours in early 2006. Prior to that, both performed as solo artists, principally at open mic nights, but with each using the other as a backing partner. They first performed together at the Coogee Bay hotel in Sydney in 2005 with Angus performing and Julia singing back-up. In terms of composing material, they write on their own, then work together on structure and harmonies. Both Angus and Julia have distinctive vocal styles. The Sydney Morning Herald's Bernard Zuel described their vocals as such: "Her voice has a fractured feel like Jolie Holland; his has a smoke-on-the-beach drawl." UK journalist Johnny Sharp of Mojo stated, "Most impressive, though, are the songs – simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile." Angus and Julia began recording their first EP Chocolates and Cigarettes in March 2006. It was

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Angus & Julia Stone

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