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The Man Machine (1978)

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Synthpop, Electronic music, Electronic body music

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The Man-Machine (German Language Edition: Die Mensch-Maschine) is the seventh studio album by German electronic band Kraftwerk, released in May 1978. It contains the song "The Model" which was a chart-topping single in the UK in 1982.
This was the first Kraftwerk album to see Karl Bartos co-credited with songwriting along with Hütter & Schneider. Emil Schult co-wrote the lyrics for "The Model".
Musically, it builds on Trans-Europe Express. The initial recording had been made at Kraftwerk's own Kling Klang studio, but further work was done at nearby Studio Rudas, where Detroit sound engineer Leanard Jackson of Whitfield Records, who had worked on Rose Royce's second album the previous year, was hired to work on the final sound-mix.
The cover design imitates the graphic style of the 1930s Modernist movement, particularly that of the designer/architect El Lissitzky, whose inspiration is acknowledged in the album credits. The rear cover of the album is actually an adaptation one of his geometric page designs for a children's book, From Two Quadrants (specifically, the upper right quarter of the page captioned "And on the Black was established Red Clearly").
Upon its release, the record

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6:12 The Robots
6:01 Metropolis
5:32 The Man-Machine
8:50 Neon Lights
5:57 Spacelab
3:43 The Model
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