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Dynasty (1979)

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Hard rock, Disco, Pop rock, Rock music, Heavy metal, Glam metal

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Dynasty is the seventh studio album by American hard rock band Kiss. It was produced by Vini Poncia and released on Casablanca Records on May 23, 1979. Dynasty marked the first time that the original four members of Kiss did not all appear together for the entire album. In later interviews, the band admitted that they started to listen to outsiders about what direction the music should go around the time of Dynasty.
The album and the following tour, were billed as the "Return of Kiss" as a band. Kiss (Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss) had not released a studio album since 1977's Love Gun. Instead, Kiss released their second live album and each member had recorded eponymous solo albums, which were simultaneously released on September 18, 1978. The reception was mixed, with Frehley's album being widely regarded as the best and Criss' album the worst.
After pre-production and rehearsals were completed, Vini Poncia (who had produced Peter Criss), decided that Criss' drumming was substandard, an opinion shared by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Criss by this time was battling drug addiction, erratic behaviour and injuries suffered to his hands in a 1978 car

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4:30 I Was Made for Lovin' You
4:27 Dirty Livin'
4:25 Charisma
4:42 Magic Touch
3:31 Hard Times
3:46 X-Ray Eyes
4:40 Save Your Love
4:53 2,000 Man
3:59 Sure Know Something
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