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In 1966 There Was (1970)

Bob Dylan
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In 1966 There Was is considered the first release of the "Royal Albert Hall" concert material on a bootleg album. It was released exclusively in Europe sometime in 1970. Contrary to popular belief, the album does not contain material only recorded at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, on May 17. Songs from the May 17 show in Manchester, and the May 26 show in London were lifted from CBS acetate (prepared for a possible live album) and included on the final release. Side one is from the May 26 show, as side two contains the infamous "Judas" remark. 1966 sports, as most early bootlegs do, a white outer sleeve with a hand-stamped title. The stamp, printed in black and placed in the middle of the cover, reads as follows: A record company is not mentioned on either the label or sleeve. This bootleg is considered rather rare, as are many coming from the early 1970s. In 1971, an unknown label, operating from an unknown source, produced Bob Dylan and the Band Live, which was basically 1966 with a different track setup. Instead of distributing the tracks evenly between sides, six tracks are included on side one, while "Ballad of a Thin Man" and "Like A Rolling Stone" appear on side two. The
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