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Song to a Seagull (1968)

Joni Mitchell
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Folk rock

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Song to a Seagull is Joni Mitchell's 1968 debut album. Mitchell would later note that the album is more a result of her love of classical music than of folk, and this is evident through the thick, rich, and often unusual harmonies, and the densely poetic lyrics of the album. This album was originally released as an untitled or self-titled LP because of an error at Reprise Records' publishing department; the LP album covers were also printed incorrectly, cutting off part of the "Song to a Seagull" title (spelled out by birds in flight).
Song to a Seagull is a concept album divided into two halves: "I Came to the City" and "Out of the City and Down to the Seaside". (The two halves correspond to the two sides of the LP, which are identified as "Part 1" and "Part 2" rather than the conventional "Side 1" and "Side 2"). The first track refers to her failed marriage to Chuck Mitchell in Detroit, and a similar theme is explored with "Michael from Mountains", which questions whether one can truly love someone without knowing him. "Night in the City" is a celebration of nightlife; "Marcie" is a profile of a lonely woman, presumably a friend of Mitchell's; and "Nathan La Franeer" ends side

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3:37 I Had a King
3:41 Michael From Mountains
2:29 Night in the City
4:35 Marcie
3:20 Nathan La Franeer
4:04 Sisotowbell Lane
5:04 The Dawntreader
2:44 The Pirate of Penance
3:51 Song to a Seagull
4:38 Cactus Tree
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