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The Jazz Singer (1980)

Neil Diamond
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The Jazz Singer is an album by Neil Diamond from 1980, which served as soundtrack album to the 1980 remake of the film The Jazz Singer. The soundtrack was released in November 1980 originally on Capitol Records. EMI Films (owned by EMI, also the parent of Capitol Records) produced the film. The soundtrack was re-released in February 1996 on Columbia Records in the US and Sony elsewhere.
While the film received mixed reviews and was moderately successful, its soundtrack was a huge success and became Neil Diamond's biggest selling album in the United States, selling over 5 million copies there and reaching #3 on the pop albums chart. Three of the songs from the album became Top 10 pop singles, with "Love on the Rocks," "Hello Again" and "America" reaching #2, #6, and #8 respectively. The Jazz Singer Soundtrack, along with Diamond's album Beautiful Noise (1976), are considered two of Diamond's finest recording projects.
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0:35 Adon Olom
2:57 You Baby
2:53 Amazed and Confused
2:02 On the Robert E. Lee
3:16 Summerlove
2:50 Acapulco
2:59 Hey Louise
3:34 Songs of Life
3:05 Jerusalem
1:39 Kol Nidre / My Name Is Yussel
2:24 America (reprise)
3:44 Love on the Rocks
4:18 America
4:08 Hello Again
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