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Songs of Leonard Cohen (1968)

Leonard Cohen
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Folk music

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Songs of Leonard Cohen is the debut album of Canadian musician Leonard Cohen. It foreshadowed the future path of his career, with less success in the United States and far better in Europe, reaching #83 on the Billboard chart but achieving gold status only in 1989, while it reached #13 in UK and spent nearly a year and a half in the UK album charts.
Cohen's lonely and emotional songs were informed by his literate approach, part and parcel to a burgeoning singer/songwriter movement in popular music. Seen by later critics as a reaction against the psychedelic band-oriented styles (as were the country-rock developments of 1968 and 1969) enjoying a vogue in 1967, determining whether indeed the singer-songwriters were 'reacting against' the baroque tapestries of Sgt. Pepper or the San Francisco bands is problematic.
Instigated by the work of Bob Dylan, singer-songwriters appeared to be folk singers on the surface, but were not allied to the folk movement's politics or repertoire, instead performing original material in styles at times reminiscent of the folk singers of the late 1950s and early 1960s. (In Cohen's case, the influence of French-speaking chansonniers, such as Georges

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5:55 Master Song
5:38 So Long Marianne
4:35 Stories of the Street
4:23 One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
3:03 Teachers
2:17 Winter Lady
3:48 Suzanne
3:32 Sisters of Mercy
5:00 The Stranger Song
2:55 Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
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