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Tago Mago (1971)

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Psychedelic rock, Krautrock, Funk-rock, Ambient music, Experimental rock, Progressive rock

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Tago Mago is the third studio album by the German experimental rock band Can, and was originally released as a double LP in 1971 by United Artists. It was the band's second studio album to feature Kenji "Damo" Suzuki after their previous vocalist, Malcolm Mooney, quit the band in 1970 after having a nervous breakdown.
Tago Mago has been described as Can's most extreme record in terms of sound and structure. The album has received much critical acclaim since its release and has been cited as an influence by various artists.
After Malcolm Mooney left Can in 1970 following a nervous breakdown, the remaining members were left without a vocalist. Bassist Holger Czukay happened to meet Kenji "Damo" Suzuki when the latter was busking outside a cafe in Munich. He introduced himself as a member of an experimental rock band and invited Suzuki to join them. That evening, Suzuki performed with the band at the Blow Up club and subsequently became a member of Can.
Tago Mago was recorded in 1971 by Czukay in Schloss Nörvenich, a castle near Cologne. The band was allowed to stay there for a year without paying any rent by the owner, an art collector named Mr. Vohwinkel. This was the first of Can's

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7:28 Paperhouse
4:03 Mushroom
18:28 Halleluhwah
17:33 Aumgn
11:38 Peking O
6:45 Bring Me Coffee or Tea
7:24 Oh Yeah
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