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The Madcap Laughs (1970)

Syd Barrett
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Psych folk, Experimental rock

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The Madcap Laughs is an album by British singer/songwriter Syd Barrett, released on 3 January 1970. It was his first solo album after being replaced in the band Pink Floyd by his old school friend David Gilmour.
After leaving the group, Barrett began recording sessions with former Pink Floyd turned Syd Barrett manager Peter Jenner in May 1968. The sessions were brief, as the project was abandoned for almost a year which Barrett spent as a recluse. In April 1969, Malcolm Jones took over the project and Barrett began working on newer material, while reworking the 1968 recordings. Session musicians, namely, members of The Soft Machine, as well as Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley were also called in to augment Barrett's songs. It is still a mystery why Jones abandoned production responsibilities, at the end of May, so soon after having assumed them. Jones' recollections of the sessions are that he and Barrett got on well together and had in fact completed half of the album before the new producers took over.
Roger Waters and David Gilmour were in the process of completing Pink Floyd's Ummagumma album when they got involved with The Madcap Laughs that July and helped Barrett finish his

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3:27 No Good Trying
3:13 Here I Go
2:06 She Took a Long Cold Look
2:36 Feel
1:57 If It’s in You
3:17 Late Night
3:03 No Man’s Land
2:02 Dark Globe
2:00 Golden Hair
2:50 Long Gone
2:29 Love You
5:04 Terrapin
3:48 Octopus
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