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Radiator (1997)

Super Furry Animals
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Alternative rock

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Radiator is the second album by Super Furry Animals. It peaked at #8 on the UK charts. In 2005, it was reissued with a bonus disc of other tracks from the time. In 2000 Q magazine placed Radiator at number 73 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever. Singer Gruff Rhys has described Radiator as "more interesting" than the band's debut Fuzzy Logic with the group taking advantage of producer Gorwel Owen's "Atari computers, and banks of old vintage synths" to create an album which was "musically ... much more adventurous". The track 'Download' repeatedly appeared on the hit Welsh TV Show 'Lois' about a young teenage girl struggling to come to terms with her anorexia.

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1:25 Furryvision
2:49 The Placid Casual
5:11 Demons
0:38 Short Painkiller
4:43 She's Got Spies
4:43 Hermann ♥'s Pauline
1:26 Chupacabras
1:54 Torra Fy Ngwallt yn Hir
3:20 Bass Tuned to D.E.A.D.
5:37 Down a Different River
3:19 Download
6:14 Mountain People
3:15 Play It Cool
2:14 The International Language of Screaming
Number 1: The Queen Is Dead -
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