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Deggial (2000)

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Symphonic metal

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Deggial is the ninth full-length musical album by Swedish Symphonic metal band Therion in 2000. As with many of Therion's other albums, Deggial features a choir and orchestra. Unlike their earlier release Vovin, which seemed to focus more on vocals, Deggial's style leans towards hard rock and sounds overall like Vovin with more atmosphere.

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5:09 The Invincible
4:06 Flesh of the Gods
7:11 Eternal Return
6:29 Ship of Luna
9:32 Via Nocturna, Parts 1 & 2
3:21 O Fortuna
1:22 The Flight of the Lord of Flies
5:29 Emerald Crown
3:36 Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
6:38 Enter Vril-Ya
5:04 Deggial
Number 1: OK Computer -