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Heart Still Beating (1990)

Roxy Music
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Art rock, New Wave, New Romanticism, Pop rock, Glam rock

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Heart Still Beating is the third live album by Roxy Music and was released on October 30, 1990. While the album's sleeve states that this album was recorded at Fréjus, France, it is actually a mixture of shows from several dates in Europe in 1982, touring with King Crimson, mixed together as one show. All but three songs are, in fact, identical recordings to the ones featured on the High Road videocassette/DVD, not to be confused with the recordings of the 1983 High Road EP.

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0:51 India
5:19 Can't Let Go
3:52 While My Heart Is Still Beating
4:24 Out of the Blue
3:42 Impossible Guitar
6:22 A Song for Europe
7:44 Like a Hurricane
7:16 My Only Love
3:58 Both Ends Burning
4:22 Avalon
4:10 Editions of You
6:39 Jealous Guy
3:51 Love Is the Drug
3:44 Dance Away
Number 1: OK Computer -