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Sailing to Philadelphia (2000)

Mark Knopfler
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Rock music, Country, Country rock, Roots rock

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Sailing to Philadelphia is the second solo album by Mark Knopfler, released on 26 September 2000. The title track is drawn from Thomas Pynchon's novel about Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, the two English surveyors who established the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, Delaware and Virginia in the 1760s. The border later became known as the Mason-Dixon Line and has been used since the 1820s to denote the border between the Southern United States and the Northern United States. The album contains featured vocal appearances by James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford.
By 2002, the album had sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide. In some territories—Western Europe for example—the album was released as an HDCD and a 5.1 Surround Sound DVD-A.
All songs were written by Mark Knopfler, except where noted.
"What It Is" was the first single from Mark Knopfler’s album Sailing to Philadelphia.
There appears to be a slightly different version of this song with one change in the lyrics. The standard lyric on the second chorus is : "And it's cold on a tollgate where the Caledonian blues". But on the album "The Best of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler: Private

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3:22 The Last Laugh (feat. Van Morrison)
4:26 Prairie Wedding (feat. Gillian Welch)
6:22 Speedway at Nazareth (feat. Gillian Welch)
5:30 Silvertown Blues (feat. Glenn Tilbrook)
4:00 Sands of Nevada
5:31 Sailing to Phildelphia
3:06 Who's Your Baby Now
4:55 What it is
4:11 Do America
5:29 El Macho
3:54 Wanderlust
4:35 Junkie Doll
5:11 Baloney Again
4:28 Prairie Wedding
5:30 Silvertown Blues
3:23 The Last Laugh
6:25 Speedway at Nazareth
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