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Naked City (1990)

Naked City
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Avant-garde, Jazz fusion, Grindcore, Rock music, Jazz, Avant-garde music

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Naked City is an album released on Nonesuch Records in 1990 by John Zorn, featuring the band of the same name. The album was also released as part of Naked City: The Complete Studio Recordings on Tzadik Records in 2005.
Two grindcore bands have used song titles from this album as names: Canadian group Fuck the Facts and Australian group Blood Duster.

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2:03 Batman
3:33 The Sicilian Clan
1:31 You Will Be Shot
4:11 Latin Quarter
3:13 A Shot in the Dark
1:43 Reanimator
2:20 Snagglepuss
2:12 I Want to Live
2:45 Lonely Woman
0:23 Igneous Ejaculation
0:16 Blood Duster
0:11 Hammerhead
0:41 Demon Sanctuary
0:20 Obeah Man
0:30 Ujaku
0:14 Fuck the Facts
0:43 Speedball
4:28 Chinatown
3:05 Punk China Doll
0:45 N.Y. Flat Top Box
4:50 Saigon Pickup
3:06 The James Bond Theme
1:14 Den of Sins
2:53 Contempt
3:32 Graveyard Shift
4:17 Inside Straight
Number 1: OK Computer -