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Electro-Shock Blues (1998)

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Electro-Shock Blues is the second studio album by the band Eels, released on September 21, 1998 in the United Kingdom and October 20, 1998 in the United States.
Electro-Shock Blues was written largely in response to frontman Mark Oliver Everett's (more commonly known as E) sister's suicide and his mother's terminal lung cancer. Many of the songs deal with their decline, his response to loss, and coming to terms with suddenly becoming the only living member of his family (his father having died of a heart attack in 1982; Everett, then 19 years old, was the first to discover his body).
Though much of the album is, on its surface, bleak, its underlying message is that of coping with some of life's most difficult occurrences. The record begins with "Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor", a sparse piece composed of one of his deceased sister's final diary entries. Later, the album's emotional climax is reached in two tracks: "Climbing to the Moon", which draws upon E's experiences visiting his sister at a mental-health facility shortly before her death; and "Dead of Winter", a song about his mother's painful radiation treatment and slow succumbing. The album's last song, entitled "P.S. You

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2:08 Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor
2:37 Going to Your Funeral, Part I
4:46 Cancer for the Cure
3:54 My Descent Into Madness
2:45 3 Speed
2:29 Electro-Shock Blues
3:19 Efils' God
1:30 Going to Your Funeral, Part II
2:03 Baby Genius
3:38 Climbing to the Moon
2:11 Ant Farm
2:59 Dead of Winter
3:51 The Medication Is Wearing Off
3:08 P.S. You Rock My World
3:24 Hospital Food
3:28 Last Stop: This Town
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