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Black Market Music (2000)

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Alternative rock, Indie rock, Post-punk revival, Gothic rock, Glam punk

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Black Market Music is the third studio album by English alternative rock band Placebo. It was released on 9 October 2000 through Hut Records. The album took nine months to record, the longest that the band have ever spent recording an album to date. It has sold over one million copies to date.
The album is dedicated to music publicist Scott Piering, who died of cancer in early 2000. The song "Commercial for Levi" is a reference to the sound technician Levi Tecofski, who on one occasion saved frontman Brian Molko's life: Molko, drunk and about to cross the road, was quickly pulled back by Tecofski from the path of an approaching vehicle.
Black Market Music received a generally mildly favourable critical reception. PopMatters called it "highly listenable dark guitar rock". Among its detractors were NME, who called it "a case of ambition eclipsing talent, of hubris, of a band losing the plot. Placebo's frame of reference has always been narrow, but they've now been reduced to empty gestures without any visionary tunes to tip the balance."
All songs written and composed by Placebo, except where noted. LP version of the album does not contain the hidden track "Black Market Blood".

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14:10 Peeping Tom / Black Market Blood
3:46 Haemoglobin
3:31 Blue American
4:22 Narcoleptic
3:37 Spite & Malice
2:20 Commercial for Levi
2:33 Days Before You Came
5:24 Passive Aggressive
3:48 Black-Eyed
3:50 Special K
4:06 Slave to the Wage
4:15 Taste in Men
Number 1: OK Computer -
Number 1: OK Computer -
Number 1: Nevermind -
Number 1: OK Computer -
Number 1: OK Computer -