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Cowboys from Hell (1990)

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Groove metal, Thrash metal, Heavy metal

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Cowboys from Hell is the fifth album by American heavy metal band Pantera, and their first Atco Records album, recorded at Pantego Sound Studio in Pantego, TX and released on July 24, 1990. This was their first commercially successful album, exposing the band's groove metal style to mainstream audiences. Cowboys from Hell is seen as Pantera's "official" debut by most fans, as well as the band itself as they left behind their glam metal past and began to focus on groove metal. After its release, a logo for the band was made featuring the letters 'CFH' (the abbreviation of the album title) in a circular design.
After being turned down "28 times by every major label on the face of the Earth", Atco Records representative Mark Ross was asked by his boss, Derek Shulman (who was interested in signing them), to see the band perform after Hurricane Hugo stranded him in Texas. Ross was so impressed by the band's performance that he called his boss that night, suggesting that Pantera be signed to the label.
Ross on the performance:
"By the end of the first song, my jaw was on the floor. The sonic power of it all — the attitude and the musicianship — blew me away. Basically, you had to be an

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4:06 Cowboys from Hell
2:13 Primal Concrete Sledge
5:19 Psycho Holiday
4:46 Heresy
3:22 Shattered
5:16 Clash With Reality
5:15 Medicine Man
5:09 Message in Blood
5:47 The Sleep
4:18 The Art of Shredding
5:05 Domination
7:02 Cemetery Gates
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