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1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (1950)

Benny Goodman
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The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert by Benny Goodman, Columbia Records catalogue item SL-160, was first issued in 1950. It was one of the first records of Benny Goodman music issued on the new long-playing format, and one of the first to sell over a million copies. A landmark recording, it was the premiere performance given by a jazz orchestra in the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City. It is the first ever double album. This album was also sold in a set of nine 45 rpm records in the same year by Columbia.
Bruce Eder, writing for allmusic, generally praises the 1999 double-CD release, noting the compromise between clear reproduction of sonic detail and retaining surface noise from the source material.
The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings includes the 1999 release in its "Core Collection," in addition to giving it a four-star rating (of a possible four). Penguin authors Richard Cook and Brian Morton describe the release as "a model effort, masterminded by Phil Schaap, whose indomitable detective work finally tracked down the original acetates and gave us the music in the best sound we'll ever get; with powerful, even thrilling, ambience."
Tracks 20-28 are edited tracks from

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0:41 [applause / transition to Twenty Years of Jazz]
4:40 I Got Rhythm
4:27 Don't Be That Way
0:50 When My Baby Smiles at Me
4:11 Sometimes I'm Happy
0:16 Twenty Years of Jazz
0:40 [applause / transition back to Goodman orchestra for finale]
16:35 Honeysuckle Rose
0:59 [applause / setting up & tuning up for BG small groups]
0:27 Life Goes to a Party
0:26 Introduction
0:15 Conclusion
0:46 Body and Soul
4:58 China Boy
2:24 Swingtime in the Rockies
0:21 [applause / Martha Tilton returns to the stage]
0:20 [applause for second encore]
0:24 Blue Reverie
1:02 [applause until encores]
0:31 [applause / setting-up for BG small groups]
0:53 [Benny Goodman 1950 introduction]
6:34 One O'Clock Jump
3:54 Bei mir bist Du schön
4:04 Life Goes to a Party
3:10 Body and Soul
0:26 [applause as Lionel Hampton enters]
2:49 Blue Room
5:41 Stompin' at the Savoy
5:37 Dizzy Spells
0:24 Avalon
3:25 Blue Skies
12:02 Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing)
0:21 [applause / transition back to Goodman orchestra]
3:27 The Man I Love
0:06 [silence]
2:58 Loch Lomond
2:11 I'm Coming Virginia
2:33 If Dreams Come True
1:19 Sensation Rag
3:12 Blue Reverie
1:08 Shine
0:18 Swingtime in the Rockies
0:46 [setting up for jam session]
1:13 [applause / Benny Goodman's "no encore" announcement]
0:23 [applause / BG Quartet continues but changes program]
3:40 Big John's Special
4:22 Avalon
0:21 Don't Be That Way
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