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Total Destruction to Your Mind (1970)

Swamp Dogg
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Rhythm and blues

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Total Destruction to Your Mind is a 1970 album by Swamp Dogg.

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3:24 Total Destruction to Your Mind
3:25 Synthetic World
2:50 Dust Your Head Colour Red
2:50 Redneck
2:50 If I Die Tomorrow (I've Lived Tonite)
3:01 I Was Born Blue
2:38 Sal-A-Faster
3:42 The World Beyond
2:38 These Are Not My People
2:47 Everything You'll Ever Need
2:47 The Baby Is Mine
4:08 Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe
2:50 Do You Believe
3:06 Predicament #2
2:42 Remember I Said Tomorrow
2:52 Creeping Away
4:06 Got to Get a Message to You
5:30 God Bless America, for What
3:53 I Kissed Your Face
3:04 That Ain't My Wife
2:59 She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye
3:55 Do Your Thing Together
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