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Dog Man Star (1994)

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Britpop, Glam rock, Alternative rock

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Dog Man Star is the second album by English alternative rock band Suede, released in October 1994 on Nude Records. It was the last Suede album to feature guitarist Bernard Butler, due to growing tensions between Butler and singer Brett Anderson ending with Butler leaving the band before the album was completed. Dog Man Star is more downbeat than their debut and chronicles Suede as they parted from the "Britpop pack".
Although it did not sell on the same scale as their chart-topping debut Suede (1993), Dog Man Star reached number three on the UK Albums Chart. Released to an enthusiastic critical reception, it is considered by many to be Suede's masterpiece.
In early 1994, when Suede were about to release the standalone single "Stay Together"—their highest charting single, which reached number three on the UK Singles Chart—the morale within the group was at an all time low. Butler's father had died just as the band were about to begin their second American tour. The first week of the tour was cancelled, and Suede flew back to London from New York. When the tour did resume, Butler distanced himself from the rest of the band far more than before. Recently bereaved and engaged,

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2:38 Introducing the Band
3:22 Heroine
4:47 The Wild Ones
5:22 Daddy's Speeding
4:31 The Power
3:50 This Hollywood Life
5:45 The 2 of Us
3:48 Black or Blue
9:25 The Asphalt World
5:23 Still Life
4:49 Modern Boys
4:19 We are the Pigs
4:37 New Generation
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