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Gaucho (1980)

Steely Dan
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Rock music, Jazz fusion

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Gaucho is the seventh studio album by the American Jazz rock band Steely Dan, released in 1980. The sessions for Gaucho represented the peak of Steely Dan's recording studio perfectionism and obsessive recording technique. To record the album, the band used at least 42 different musicians, spent over a year in the studio, and far exceeded the original monetary advance given to the band by their record label.
During the two-year span in which the album was recorded, the band was plagued by a number of creative, personal and professional problems. MCA, Warner Bros. and Steely Dan had a three-way legal battle over the rights to release the album. After the record was released, jazz musician Keith Jarrett successfully sued the band for writing credit on the title song "Gaucho".
Gaucho marked a significant stylistic change for Steely Dan, introducing a more minimal, groove- and atmosphere-based format. The harmonically complex chord changes that were a distinctive mark of earlier Steely Dan songs are less prominent on Gaucho, with the record's songs tending to revolve around a single rhythm or mood. Gaucho proved to be Steely Dan's final studio album before a 12-year hiatus.

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5:55 Babylon Sisters
5:32 Gaucho
4:31 My Rival
7:29 Glamour Profession
5:07 Hey Nineteen
4:14 Time Out of Mind
5:16 Third World Man
5:49 Babylon Sisters
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