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Colossal Youth (1980)

Young Marble Giants
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Post-punk, Indie pop

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Colossal Youth is the first and only LP by Young Marble Giants, released in 1980 on Rough Trade Records. Young Marble Giants were offered the opportunity to record the album after Rough Trade heard just two songs by the band on the local Cardiff music compilation, Is The War Over?.
The album was recorded in three and half days at Foel Studios near Welshpool in North Wales for £1000. The band was able to record fast and cheaply by using many of their first takes on the record in a deliberate attempt to keep the music 'alive'. The only overdubbing on the record is a slide guitar on "Include Me Out" and distorted vocals on "Eating Noddemix".
Nirvana singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain said in a 1992 Melody Maker interview that Colossal Youth was one of the five most influential records he had ever heard.

In May 2009 the album was performed live in its entirety as part of the All Tomorrow's Parties-curated Don't Look Back series.
The re-release including the following bonus tracks, taken from the Final Day single, Testcard EP, and some B-sides:

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3:03 Searching for Mr Right
2:04 Eating Noddemix
2:04 Constantly Changing
3:31 N.i.t.a.
2:45 Wurlitzer Jukebox
2:01 Salad Days
2:54 Brand-New-Life
1:41 This Way
1:25 Posed by Models
1:39 The Clock
2:42 Clicktalk
1:33 Zebra Trucks
1:04 Sporting Life
1:53 Radio Silents
2:49 Cakewalking
3:03 Ode to Booker T
1:43 Final Day
1:54 Colossal Youth
2:37 Choci Loni
2:07 The Taxi
2:01 Include Me Out
3:15 The Man Amplifier
2:29 Credit in the Straight World
2:25 Wind in the Rigging
3:02 Music for Evenings
Number 1: Ramones -