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1978-1990 (1990)

The Go-Betweens
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Alternative rock

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1978–1990 is a compilation album by Australian band The Go-Betweens that draws together music spanning the band's career from their beginnings in Brisbane to their 1989 breakup, including singles, B-sides, songs recorded for broadcast and previously unreleased material.
(All songs by Grant McLennan and Robert Forster)

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2:51 Hammer the Hammer
4:02 Cattle and Cane
3:24 Man O'Sand to Girl O'Sea
2:33 I Need Two Heads
4:28 When People Are Dead
1:41 World Weary
3:34 Rock and Roll Friend
4:10 Dusty in Here
4:13 Secondhand Furniture
2:31 This Girl, Black Girl
2:17 Don't Call Me Gone
3:54 Right Here
3:05 Spring Rain
3:34 Streets of Your Town
4:43 The House That Jack Kerouac Built
4:19 Draining the Pool for You
3:29 Bachelor Kisses
4:03 Bye Bye Pride
3:17 The Clarke Sisters
4:13 Love Is a Sign
2:39 People Say
3:21 You Won't Find It Again
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